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"Matt was our wedding photographer and we couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. The quality of Matt’s photography was stunning and we were so proud to gift friends and family with his pictures from the day.

We wanted our photos tell the story of our wedding: it was a fun, happy and relaxed day. The last thing we wanted was staged, rigid photos and Matt made sure his pictures were a true representation of our special day.


Every one of our guests featured in a photo and the big moments were all expertly covered. I might be biased but they’re the best wedding pictures I’ve seen."


—  Tanya Caltabiano

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A raw and documentary style approach to wedding photography that captures emotions from start to finish.

Wedding Anchor
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The best gifts in life are those that bring happiness and joy to those that receive them.

Couples photo & film sessions need not be centred around an engagement or wedding, they can be purely to celebrate the love you share with your partner.

These sessions make the perfect gift to bring a tear to Grandma's eyes.

I also offer professional, natural and creative portrait photos + film session that are a whole lot of fun. These can be for portfolio updates, social media, or maybe just because it's time to express your natural beauty.

Couple / Portrait
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Nothing pulls at the heartstrings quite like a family film. One of the main disappointments I hear from parents is that they didn't keep a visual record of their family when their kids were younger.


Children grow up at an incredible rate, and as our lives get busier, it becomes easy to forget the whimsical behaviours of an infant, the subtle inflections in a child's voice, and unique family interactions.

Family films are the perfect way to immortalize those special moments and share with friends and family.

Ellicott Family 2020-20200920_AU_136491_
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There is a good reason why photographs have remained timeless throughout the years.

Whether you're after a beautiful candid snapshot of your life, special event or natural portraits, I am more than happy to work with you to decide the perfect option for your budget and needs.

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